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BeeMail – Current version 2.0.0 (Build # Mar 31, 2021)

BeeMail is an All-in-one and fully-featured email marketing plugin for WordPress with or without WooCommerce. With BeeMail, you have a powerful digital marketing and sales management platform right in your WordPress with all capabilities like: contact & list management, email marketing, form design & publishing…

BeeMail can deliver marketing emails directly using the hosting server. It is also powered by versatile integration support to any local mailer or remote SMTP services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Elasticemail, SparkPost, Mailgun…

UPDATE: from version 2x, BeeMail fully supports WordPress multisite. Also, Linux hosting server is required, BeeMail does not work on Windows servers

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Contacts & mail lists

Create your mail list so you can import and/or collect new contacts… Whether you’re starting from scratch, or bringing existing contacts into BeeMail, it is always easy to store and manage all your contact data.

  • Create and manage your mail lists.
  • Manage WordPress or WooCommerce contacts.
  • Import contacts from input files .CSV or 3rd applications.
  • Store and your contacts custom fields.

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Email marketing

  • Create & manage your email marketing campaigns.
  • Send your campaigns directly through current hosting server or 3rd SMTP services.
  • Track your campaign performance open / click.
  • Review your campaign insight statistics report.

Form design & publishing

  • Create & manage forms for user subscription, checkout, etc.
  • Design beautiful forms with PRO drag & drop form builder.
  • Have forms injected to your WordPress pages or published elsewhere.



2.0.0 / 2020-11-11

 * Fixed: default template improved
 * Fixed: custom sending identities support
 * Fixed: translation improved
 * Fixed: SendGrid subaccount improved
 * Fixed: PayPal integration broken while checking out
 * Fixed: click tracking improved for Automation
 * Fixed: Pro builder loading performance
 * Fixed: SPF verification improved
 * Fixed: translation cache supported
 * Added: upgrade to Laravel 5.8 (current 5.5)
 * Added: minimum PHP version required is now 7.1.3
 * Added: send test email for system email
 * Added: autofill support for tags
 * Added: clean up bare linefeed characters in email
 * Added: assign plan to customer support
 * Added: reorganization of users assets storage


1.3.0 / 2020-03-04

 + Fixed: automation elements are not well organized
 + Fixed: PayPal integration: sync broken
 + Fixed: Elasicemail API no longer works correctly
 + Fixed: cannot create admin of reseller group
 + Fixed: templates compatibility issues with Edge and Firefox
 + Fixed: default sending speed is too low
 + Fixed: quota tracking does not work correctly
 + Fixed: plan status shown correctly
 + Added: language package for German
 + Added: plat visibility setting support
 + Added: thumbnail update support
 + Added: classic email builder support
 + Added: automation for list's segments
 + Added: subscription notification for admin
 + Added: notification management dashboard


1.2.0 / 2020-02-10

 * Fixed: sending identity not working in certain cases
 * Fixed: better SMTP error handling
 * Fixed: automation visual designer not loading correctly
 * Fixed: no longer require write permission on public/ folder
 * Fixed: KEY event issue with builder pro
 * Fixed: irrelevant content injected into outgoing email
 * Fixed: unexpected input fields injected into email content
 * Added: allowing switching to basic email builder
 * Added: allowing viewing of available identities list
 * Added: file manager for basic email builder


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