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Version 1.1.1 now available (Jul 2, 2014) – view details


The most easiest and complete solution for your website’s Favicon and Touch Icon

What is a favicon?

A favicon (also called Touch Icon on mobile devices) is a small icon that represents your website across all kinds of devices. Here is an example of our logo used as a favicon on a desktop browser:
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What’s so special about this plugin?

Did you know that in order to show your favicon on the most popular devices you need to have at least 15 different favicon images (.png, .ico), one background color and an .xml config file?

Every device and browser has it’s own requirements for a favicon image format and it’s size. And let’s face it, your WordPress theme might have an option to set a favicon but it’s probably just doing the bare technical minimum (1 image, no background color, no .xml config) – which is why it will not be seen on so many devices.

Theme developers understandably do not have the time to learn all this favicon magic because it is actually very complex. That’s why we have decided to create a timeless plugin for all your favicon needs which we will keep updated as the technology evolves.

The point of this plugin is to have an always up-to-date way to easily select your favicon without worrying about all the technical stuff. You just upload one or more images to the upload-ready input fields while following the on-screen instructions and the plugin will generate all the necessary favicons for you.


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Main Features

  • White Label Admin – no advertising or Fresh branding anywhere
  • Small Footprint – The interface is located directly in “WP-admin -> Appearance -> Favicon”
  • Auto-generates 20 favicons/config files from only 1 or multiple image(s)
  • Auto-generates the much needed .ico files from your images.
  • Intelligent caching, all files gets new unique filename every time you hit the ‘Save Changes’ button which forces some uncooperative browsers to refresh your favicon – otherwise you could be stuck with the old one forever.
  • Supports the most popular devices and browsers today
  • Great for ThemeForest authors to include in their WordPress themes for sale – requires Extended license

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