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Hybrid Optimize is a Next Generation WordPress Caching Plugin. It’s
an all-in-one solution for WordPress Website Caching. And boost your website loading time.

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Why Hybrid Optimize?

Hybrid Optimize Features

Key Features

  • Page Caching
    Generate static HTML pages and serve them directly from your web server.

  • Cache Preloading
    Automatically generate cached pages when you make some changes.

  • Preload links
    Preloads a page in the browser right before a user clicks on it.

  • Browser Caching
    Store the resources of your site images, JS, CSS in the local memory.

  • Minify
    Minify Html, CSS & JavaScript files in the web server.

  • Combine
    Combine multiple CSS & JavaScript files in the web server.

  • Preload CSS
    Preload CSS for eliminates render-blocking CSS on your website.

  • Defer Scripts
    Avoid render-blocking scripts by deferring them.

  • Lazy Load
    Lazy load images, videos, iFrames to load faster.

  • Fonts Optimization
    Self-host, combine and preload Google Fonts. display fallback fonts.

  • CDN
    Serve assets in CDN like the CSS, JS, images, fonts to load faster.

  • Preload Resources
    Preload resources like the CSS, JS, images, fonts to load faster.

  • Compatibility
    Hybrid Optimize is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins.

  • Reduce Layout Shifts
    Add missing images width and height attributes to reduce layout shift.




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