Download Invitation Only Registration – WordPress Plugin


Invitation Only Registration – WordPress Plugin – Description

Do ever needed to allow registration on your WordPress website only based on invitation?

If the answer is yes, than this plugin solve this problem in very simple and efficient way.

You just need to upload & activate the plugin, then add invitation codes, then share this with your community and enjoy private registrations.

How to use guide

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Add invitation codes
  3. Share it with your community
  4. Enjoy

Please note that your website needs to have the option “Allow anyone register” enabled.

Update History

- v.1.4 - Add compatibility with Ultimate Member (You should add new field with Custom validation and at action you should put invitation_code)
- v.1.3 - Add general settings option to allow / disallow multiple registration for the same invitation code.
- v.1.2 - General improvements
- v.1.1 - General improvements
- v.1.0 - Initial release


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