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“Journal Research Publication” – A WordPress Plugin Specially Designed for Creating Research Publication House Websites.

Anyone can Setup their Journal Research Publication House in Minutes…

Now, Publication House can also Manage Reviewers to Review the Articles. A New Standalone User Type “Reviewer” to do Reviewing Tasks for the Publication House.

Journal Research (aka Academic) Publishers can Accept Articles in Different Categories from Author(s) by Simply Submitting the Website Article Submission form.
Publisher(s) can Manage & Publish the Article(s) using Article Management Functionalities.

Plugin also has the Features like Check Article Status, Copyright Doc Verification, CFA Widgets, Customizable Email Notifications, Web Form Management, Reports etc.

Journal Research Publication Plugin can be used by any Person / Group of Persons who want to start their Research Publication House Website.

Why are you “Just Reading…” Buy Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin Now!

“Create your Own Journal Publication House Website”

Demo Website Admin Login:
password: 123456V4

Demo Website Reviewer Login:
password: 123456V4

Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin - Live Demo

About User Type Reviewer
Admin Management Features Version 3.0
Frontend Features

About Journal Research Publication Plugin
Journal Research Publication - Features | Version 2.0

Journal Research Publication Customer Reviews

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Support and Assistance for Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin

Product of Hyvikk Solutions

New Features in “Version 4.0”

Admin Features

  • Articles : List of Articles “Edit Article”
    • New Section “Assign Reviewers”(NEW)
      • Admin can Manually Assign Reviewers to Each Article
  • Email Notifications
    • Article Assignment : On Assignment of Article(s) To Reviewer(s) (NEW)
  • Customizable Article Details Page : To Design + Customize Article Details Page (Published) (NEW)
    • Features
      • Field Re-arrangement
      • Adding CSS to Each Article Details Field
      • Creating a Page with Other Page Elements of WordPress / Theme
  • Automatic Migration From Version 3.0.9 to 4.0.0

Reviewer Features

  • View list of Article(s) (UPDATE)
    • Added Validation : Reviewers can only View Assigned Articles

Author / End User Features

  • Article Details Page (NEW)
    • New Admin Customized Page View
  • Design Changes & Improvements


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