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Simp Modal Window – WordPress Popup Plugin

SIMP Modal Window is feature rich popup Plugin for WordPress, you can create unlimited popups with full control over layout, design, display and contents, it’s all up to you where, how, when you want to show a popup to visitors of your website or blog.

Before giving any negative ratings please read help file included in package or contact me using contact form in item support tab, i will do my best to resolve your issue, Thanks!

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What Buyer Says About Simp Modal Plugin

webeze777 says:
I’d been looking for a simple modal plugin for awhile, and the ones I found were clumsy or were unsupported. This plug in works as advertised and the support from the developer is top notch. Highly recommend this plugin.

Xancholy says:
Anjum has been very good and quick in their support of this plugin. I was having some issues on my site which they quickly fixed and taught me the right way. Great Support!

digitalplusconsulting says:
Fantastic. I really appreciate your quick response. I will give your plugin 5 starts.

Latest Version 1.7 (May 28, 2021)

Note: After updating to version 1.7 you need to update all modals (popups) settings, now popup using max-width, max-height, padding and border radius with unites e.g(360px or 60%) instead 360 or 60.
Also Auto Close, Delayed timer and cookie time inputs are changed to input type text so you can enter duration in seconds manually.
New transitions effects are added for both opening and closing modals.

  • Compatible Tested with WordPress 5.7.x
  • Added modal duplicate (clone) feature (upon buyers request).
  • Improved User Interface (show/hide appropriate fields).
  • Added display modal feature on closing browser window using onbeforeunload event.
  • Added new 14 transitions effects.
  • Added URL hash popup trigger.
  • Now support responsive (fluid) popups.
  • And More…

Live Examples

  • Facebook Like Box Display Once After 10 Minutes
  • Trigger On Click Images and Video Popups
  • Display and Close Popup After Time Duration
  • Display Popup Only on Archives Pages
  • Display Popup Only on Search Pages
  • Display Modal before leaving page On Exit

Main Features

  • Create Unlimited Modal Windows (Popups)
  • Unlimited Layout Design Options
  • Control Where to Display Popup
  • Delayed Timer Display Modal
  • Auto Close Timer Settings
  • Visitor’s Cookie Settings
  • Auto Updates Notifications
  • Multilingual, Ready for Translate into Your Language
  • Each popup has it’s own settings

Design Settings

  • Select Modal Height, Width, Padding, Border Radius, Background Color use colorpicker.
  • Modal Border Thickness, Border Style, Border Color use colorpicker.
  • Background Overlay, Background Overlay Color use colorpicker, Background Overlay Opacity.
  • Select Modal Box Shadow, Box Shadow Color use colorpicker, Box Shadow Opacity.
  • Choose Modal Close Icon from 6 Icons, Close Icon Position.
  • Add Modal Contents CSS Styles for Each Popup.

Display Settings

  • Enable or Disable Modal
  • Display On Click on specific CSS selector
  • Display On Page Load
  • Trigger popup via URL hash parameter
  • Display After Time Duration
  • Display on All Pages, All Posts, All Pages and Posts, On Archive Pages, On Search Pages, on Specific page/post IDs, Hide on Specific page/post IDs, Display Only on Selected Page.
  • Auto Close Feature, Close Popup after Time Duration, Count Down Timer, Count Down Timer Text Color, Count Down Timer Position.
  • Enable / Disable Cookie for Each Modal
  • Display Once, will set a ten years cookie
  • Display Once Again After Every 6 Hours
  • Display Once Again After Every 12 Hours
  • Display Once Again After Every 24 Hours
  • Display Once Again After Every 2 Days
  • Display Once Again After Every 3 Days
  • Display Once Again After Every Week (7 days)
  • Display Once Again After Every 2 Weeks
  • Display Once Again After Every Month (30 days)
  • You can Set Cookie Expiration Date Manually using datepicker

Modal Animation Settings

  • Select a Transition Type, Fade And Pop, Fade, None
  • Select Animation Speed, 100MS to 1000MS
  • Enable / Disable Close on Overlay Click

Changelogs Version 1.7 (28 May, 2021)

Updates in Javascripts
Improvements in transition effects
Improvements in CSS styles
Improvements in modal editing

Changelog version 1.6 (November 21, 2014)

    updated "simp-modal-window.php" 
    updated "simp-output.php" 
    updated "simp-post.php" 
    added "simp-fields.php" 
    removed "jquery.reveal.js" 
    added "simp-modal.js" 
    updated "simp-post.js" 

Changelog version 1.5 (October 21, 2014)

    updated "simp-output.php" 
    updated "jquery.reveal.js" 

Changelog version 1.4 (August 16, 2014)

    updated "simp-modal-window.php" 
    updated "simp-post.php" 
    updated "simp-output.php" 
    updated jquery js to latest version

Changelog version 1.3 (July 8, 2013)

    updated "simp-modal-window.php" 
    updated "simp-post.php" 
    updated "simp-output.php" 

Changelog version 1.2 (April 6, 2013)

    updated "simp-modal-window.php" 
    updated "simp-post.php" 
    updated "simp-update.php" 
    updated "simp-output.php" 
    added "simp-clone.php" 
    updated "smp-post.js" 
    added "smp-clone.js" 


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