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18 November 2022
v1.6.3 released:
– Bug: button generator fix;
– Bug: shortcodes not working in some cases;

21 October 2021
v1.6.2 released:
– Improvement: revised code of the plugin to conform to WP standards;
– Bug: fix for proper Stripe payment errors display;
– Bug: transactions recording in the database;
– Feature: introduced updating from within WordPress capability;

5 January 2021
v1.6.1 released:
– Bug: issue with Stripe sync;

27 October 2020
v1.6.0 released:
– Feature: added export to CSV/PDF for transactions;
– Feature: added option to print transactions;
– Feature: added option for custom frontend form CSS;
– Feature: added option to disable unsupported credit cards;
– Feature: added option to control phone number from settings;
– Feature: added option to control terms and agreement checkbox;
– Feature: added option to enter custom amount by customer;
– Feature: added form generator;
– Improvement: new frontend design;
– Improvement: new backend design;
– Improvement: Mobile responsiveness improved;

6 October 2020
v1.5.1 released:
– Bug: issue in SCA support for single payments
– Bug: issue with services amount >$999
– Bug: issue with service description not transferring to Stripe

5 December 2019
v1.5 released:
– PHP 7+ support added
– updated Stripe library to latest available version – 5.1.5
– SCA support for single payments added
-“no such plan” error fixed

28 October 2016
v1.4 released:
– non-existent service ID’s will now display and error
– updated Stripe library to latest available version – 4.1.1
– includes TLS v1.2 files (if you have issues processing live transactions – you must update)

1 July 2015
v1.3 released containing bug fixes & new functionality:
– replaced all mysql queries with wpdb for compatibility on servers with PHP 5.5+
– added option to change email notifications sender name and email in settings
– added new currencies supported by stripe
– added option to specify thank you page URL per button
– added paypal payments-standard redirect as payment option
– prettyPhoto library updated to v3.1.6 (security update)
– recurring services return to thank you page fix
– fixed option for customers to be able to enter amount
– added option for customers to cancel subscription through link in the email

17 February 2015
v1.2 released containing bug fixes:
– minor bug fixes

10 March 2014
v1.1 released containing bug fixes:
– fixed error for amounts >999
– fixed display of transactions in overview
– fixed transactions paging
– removed all php shorttags
– mktime() fix
– current month/year card validation fix

24 January 2014
Small update submitted for review, including
– fixed hint 404 error
– fixed minor typo
– fixed email templates – now include proper currency (based on admin selection)

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