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U QR Code Generator is a plugin to generate QR codes for URLs. This will generate a QR code for the URL of the post, page, Product, or custom post. It will display as a unique image. Users will be able to go to their desired link by scanning their smartphone

Each QR code is unique and will be generated when you publish a post, page, product, or custom-type post.

You can turn off any post type from the Plugin settings page, if you want to hide single or multiple posts or pages or products, you can do so easily and even in custom posts.

This plugin generates QRs for custom links, text, numbers, emails, WiFi access, WhatsApp chats, and vCard QR codes. Users can print a large number of QR codes simultaneously from the plugin dashboard with the category filesize option and can be downloaded as a list from the plugin dashboard

Note: This QR code is made with pure JavaScript and does not require Google API dependencies

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Can Generate QR code for

  • Auto Generate QR code: –
    A perfect Page QR to showcase your powerful site link in various styles using Logo, Dot Color, and Background image or color. you will find powerful styling options to make them stand out quite easily.
  • Create beautiful information on the text, phone numbers, custom links using this powerful QR and make them dynamic using built-in features

  • Google Location: –
    Incredibly powerful QR to showcase your site or location. Google, a nice combination of longitude, latitude, and image. You can create a wrap i-candy design using the built-in positioning and offset features.
  • WhatsApp Chat: – WhatsApp Chat QR is a necessary building QR for accessing user chats, messages, and other progressive information. It comes with incredible customizing options to suit your needs.
  • WIFI Access: – Connect WiFi and share access together using WiFi QR. Separate them using the built-in offset and positioning features.
  • Email Address: – Visitors can easily get their email address through email QR. Connect with your visitors and customers and share information together using the email QR generator. We are happy to integrate this important application with our Plugin.
  • Phone Number: –
    Your customer can call you directly or find the number by scanning the phone QR widget. Separate them using the built-in offset and positioning features
  • vCard Generator: –
    vCard QR Code stores basic information such as your full name, contact info, job title, work or home address, and your website URL. with this plugin users can generate a vCard QR code
  • Text, Number, Custom link QR: –


  • QR Color | Background Color | Center Logo Image | Width & Height | Download Button and many more



  • Automatically below content
    Each QR code is generated when publishing a post, page, product, or custom post and it is automatically placed below the content, View Docs
    Users can use shortcode anywhere on the website and also they can use shortcode attributes. this is a powerful option and users can customize as per requirement. Read More.  Current URL: [qrc_code_composer] | Text, Custom Link, Number: [qr_link_composer] | Whatsapp: [qr_whatsapp_composer] | Wifi: [qr_wifi_composer] | Google Map: [qr_maps_composer] | vCard : [qrc_vcard]
  • WordPress WIDGET
    Premium Plugin has amazingly powerful widget options for creating QR, users can easily create custom text, links, current page links, numbers, WhatsApp chat access, email addresses using this widget. View More View More.
  • Elementor Addon
    For Elementor users can use Master QR easily with the “Master QR” addon. Available option for Current Page URL, Custom Link, Emails address, Phone NUmber, WIFI Access, WhatsApp Chat. Read More.


Admin can easily print QR from the plugin settings page. In this setting area, you can choose post types like ‘Product’, ‘Post’, ‘Page’, ‘Custom Post’ etc. You will get a printout as a PDF View Details


This is a powerful option for your visitors, they can easily download QR images from your site. This option is available for post-type QR and QR element widgets, View more


Users will get a beautiful live preview QR on the settings page, it will help for Qr design, alignment, many more.


Features At A Glance


  1. QR Generate Automatically
  2. QR generate for Custom link, text, number
  3. QR generate for Whatsapp Chat Access
  4. QR Code for Google Maps Location
  5. QR Wifi Access
  6. vCard QR Code Support
  7. QR Generate for Post, Page, Product, and Custom Post Type
  8. Elementor Addon support
  9. Meta box Support
  10. Display Master QR Automatically at the bottom of the content
  11. Display Master QR by Shortcode
  12. Display Master QR by Shortcode with Attribute
  13. Display Master QR by  Widget API
  14. Styling QR with dot color
  15. Styling QR with Background color
  16. Styling QR with position color
  17. customization dot scale
  18. QR Code with center Logo
  19. QR code with Background Image
  20. QR Image Bulk Print facility
  21. Download the QR Image from the front end
  22. Alignment setting
  23. Easy to QR code size customize
  24. Live Preview

uqr code

Change log

2.1.2 (December 20, 2021)
1)Change the Plugin Docs URL
2)Change the Plugin Demo URL

2.1.0 (August 17, 2021)
1) QR bulk print- Add filter section (Category based) 
2) Added download button for the meta box 
3) Added download button for Shortcode QR 
4) Added card QR code generator

1.0.0 (12 October 20)
- Plugin released


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