Download Vigur Theme – WordPress Admin Theme


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Vigur Theme is a most advanced and elegant WordPress admin theme. This modern WP admin theme gives you a quite different customized admin panel, that replaces the standard WordPress admin panel.

Vigur Theme is a really powerful WordPress plugin that completely changes the appearance of the admin dashboard, making it more convenient, stylish and enjoyable.

With Vigur Theme you can overwrite WordPress standard theme colors and pick the colors that match your brand. For additional customization you are able to upload your own company logo to display on the WordPress admin board.

Among other things, Vigur Theme provides customized login page. You can change the basic styles, logo and background on the login page.

Also Vigur Theme includes several colorful dashboard widgets that makes your admin dashboard more informative and useful.

Main Features

  • Custom login page
  • Custom logo
  • Redesigned menu
  • Redesigned main styles
  • New icons
  • Flexible settings
  • Easy install and use
  • Regular updates


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