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WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win attract customers to subscribe through spinning the lucky wheel and gain the
prize. WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win will encourage customers to come back to your website to purchase,
increase traffic and improve sales and revenue.

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel is a WooCommerce extension that helps you to convert your site traffic into customers or at least, an email subscriber. It takes you a lot of work and money to have traffic to your store, so don’t waste it. WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win offers visitor entering their email address to spin the lucky wheel. Then the plugin will send a discount coupon to the subscribed email address. The subscribed email addresses from WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win will be saved in the back-end and can be synced with some famous email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, Sendgrid, Klaviyo, Sendinblue, MailPoet, Hubspot, and Metrilo.

  • Allowing customers to subscribe to emails through WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win discount coupons.
  • Auto-generate unique coupons with selected options.
  • Send coupon pre to the email address that is required to spin the wheel.
  • Sync customer emails from WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win to your MailChimp, Active Campaign, Sendgrid,
    Klaviyo, Sendinblue, MailPoet, Hubspot, and Metrilo.

Infographic WooCommerce Lucky Wheel




This WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win plugin displays a Lucky Wheel pop-up when users visit your website.
Allowing them to subscribe to emails and spin to win prizes.

  • Server-side calculation: the result will be calculated on the server-side. No cheating.
  • Adding up to 20 slides: the plugin allows you to add up to 20 slides to the Lucky Wheel.
  • Wheel label: add a custom label for each wheel slide.
  • Winning probability: select the winning probability of each slide.
  • Pop-up intent: display the wheel after the scheduled time, after scrolling down the page, or
    when visitors are about to leave.
  • Lucky Wheel icon: a small lucky wheel icon, allow visitors to open the Luck Wheel pop-up.
  • Popup icon position: Select the pop-up icon position on your site front-end, available:
    Top left, Top right, Middle left, Middle right, Bottom left, Bottom right.
  • Hide popup icon: Option to hide the popup icon.
  • Initial time: schedule a time for the Lucky Wheel pop-up to appear after the page finish
  • Scroll amount: select a scroll amount in percentage. The Lucky Wheel pop-up will appear when
    visitors scroll down this amount.
  • Spinning time: select how many times an email address can be used to spin the wheel.
  • Wheel spinning duration: set up how long the wheel will take to finish a spin.
  • Conditional Tags: you can display the lucky wheel on selected pages only. Using built-in
    options for Homepage, Blog pages, Shop page, or using WordPress conditional tags.
  • Wheel Description: display the description of the wheel. This will be displayed in the
  • Custom fields: you can add up to 3 fields to your Lucky Wheel pop-up, including email,
    name, phone number.
  • Show pop-up after closing without spin: select a time to display the lucky wheel pop-up if
    a visitor closes it without spinning.
  • Show pop-up after a successful spin: select a time to display the lucky wheel pop-up after a
    successful spin.
  • Delay time between each spin: select the delay between each spin of an email address.
  • Do not display again: allows customers to hide the pop-up if they don’t want to subscribe.,
  • Automatically hide wheel after finishing spinning: automatically hide the lucky wheel pop-up
    after the scheduled time.
  • Wheel speed: you change the rolling speed of the lucky wheel. There are ten speeds from 1 to 10
    for you to select.



WooCommerce Lucky Wheel provides a shortpre to display the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel on any page.

  • Shortpre: the shortpre  [

    display the lucky wheel. The lucky wheel displayed by the shortpre is the same as the lucky wheel pop-up will
    all elements. You can use this shortpre to create a lucky wheel page where you allow customers to subscribe to
    email and spin the wheel for discount coupons.

  • Shortpre params: you can add parameters to the short to change it without changing WooCommerce
    Lucky Wheel settings. Below is a list of WooCommerce Lucky Wheel shortpre para, to use these parameters you
    just need to add it into the shortpre. For example to change the background [


  • bg_image: allow to change
    the background image using a picture URL. For example:


  • bg_color: change the
    background color using color pre. For example:


  • text_color: change the
    lucky wheel text color of the lucky wheel. For example :


  • pointer_color: change the
    pointer color. For example:


  • spin_button_color: change
    the spin button text color. For example:


  • spin_button_bg_color:
    change the spin button background-color. For


  • wheel_dot_color: change
    the small bot on the border of the lucky wheel color. For example:


  • wheel_border_color:
    change lucky wheel border color. For example:


  • wheel_center_color:
    change the lucky wheel center color. For example:


  • pointer_position: change the pointer position. You can put in one of these value centers,
    bottom, right, top, random. For example:


  • spinning_time: change the
    spinning time. For example: set up the wheel to spin in 5 seconds


  • wheel_speed: change the
    wheel spin speed, enter a value from 1 to 10. For example:


  • custom_field_name_enable:
    this shortpre allows you to enable the name field. For


  • custom_field_name_enable_mobile: allows you to enable the name field on mobile. For


  • custom_field_name_required: select if the name field is required. For example:


  • custom_field_mobile_enable: select if you want to enable the mobile phone number field. For


  • custom_field_mobile_enable_mobile: select if you want to enable the mobile phone number field
    on mobile. For example::


  • custom_field_mobile_required: select if the mobile phone number is required. For


  • font_size: change the
    font size of the text of the lucky wheel. For example::


  • wheel_size: change the
    size of the wheel.  For example: display the wheel with 90%


  • congratulations_effect:
    select the congratulation effect when customers win a prize. For example:


  • wheel_center_image: allow
    to use of an image instead of color on the wheel center. For example:




Coupons will be sent to subscribed emails which collect from WooCommerce lucky wheel spin to win. So you need to
choose using existing WooCommerce coupons or let WooCommerce Lucky Wheel generates unique coupons with given

  • Existing coupons: select a WooCommerce coupon to use as the prize for each slide.
  • Unique coupons: Create unique lucky wheel coupons like the way to generate WooCommerce Coupons.
    You can add a suffix title for this unique coupon to distinguish it from other coupon types.
  • Front-end message: the plugin allows you to create and display different messages when
    customers win a prize or do not win. Use shortpres to display necessary information in your message.
    {coupon_label}: the label of coupon that customers win.{checkout}: “Checkout” with a link to the checkout page.
    {customer_name}: customers’ name if they enter. {customer_email}: the email that customers enter to spin.
    {coupon_pre}: coupon pre/customs value will be sent to the customer.
  • Coupon email: coupons will be sent to the winner automatically. The plugin provides shortpres
    to display information:{customer_name}: customer’s name.{coupon_pre}: coupon pre.{date_expires}: the expiry
    date of the coupon.{coupon_label}: the label of the wheel slide that the visitor hit when spinning the
    wheel.{featured_products}: display a list of featured products.{shop_now}: display a “Shop Now” button in the
    email, redirect to your shop page.
  • Suggested products: select specific products to display at the bottom of the coupon email.
  • Send email to admin: the plugin will send a notification email to admin whenever a customer
    wins a prize with the lucky wheel. The email included the coupon, the email address of the winner. And you are
    able to edit this notification email.



The Wheel prizes section allows you to create as many coupon prizes as you want, this helps you to quickly create, 
customize and manage coupon prizes for the lucky wheel on the Wheel Prizes page. The wheel prize section is designed
as a page listing available wheel prizes. You can edit, quick edit, trash, duplicate a wheel prize on this page. On
each page, you can configure the coupon in detail.



Subscribed emails from WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win will be saved to your database. You can export to have
CSV files of email addresses. Then WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win also helps you to sync emails to your email
marketing platforms (Email API).

  • Save Emails: you can view subscribed emails in the plugin’s backend with email addresses,
    subscribed time, customer name, phone number, spun time, coupons, wheel slide label of the last spin.
  • Export CSV file: select a date range and export subscribed email at that time into a CSV file.
  • Report: the report feature allows you to check the quantity of subscribed emails, spins, given
    coupons at a specific time.



This plugin integrates some email marketing platforms, allowing subscribed emails to sync to these platforms and
perform other marketing strategies as needed. The email marketing platforms available:

  • Mailchimp
  • Sendgrid
  • Active campaign
  • Hubspot
  • MailPoet
  • Klaviyo
  • SendinBlue
  • Metrilo



The WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win plugin allow visitors to give you permission to collect their information.
Therefore, your site can fit with the GDPR law of Europe.

  • GDPR Checkbox: the GDPR checkbox allows customers to agree with your site’s Terms of Use and
    Conditions. So visitors give you permission to collect their information by ticking on the checkbox.
  • GDPR Message: set up your GDPR/ Term of use and Conditions message as an
    HTML form.



The plugin provides many design options that allow you to change the front-end design of the lucky wheel. So you can
change the background, the text color, each slide color.

  • Preview: the plugin allows you to preview the wheel in your backend.
  • Show full wheel: the plugin offer 2 wheel styles on desktop full-size and half-size.
  • Background: select an image or pick a color to use as your background.
  • Background effect: select a full-screen animation effect to display along with the lucky wheel
  • Winning effect: display a full-screen animation effect when the visitor wins a prize.
  • Text color: change the color of the text on the Lucky Wheel pop-up.
  • Font: select the font family of the text on the Lucky Wheel pop-up.
  • Spin button: design the spin button with options for label text, text color, background color.
  • Wheel center color: select a color for the wheel center, you also can use a picture to
    display in the center of the wheel.
  • Pointer: select the position of the wheel pointer center, top, right, or bottom. You can
    change the color of the pointer.
  • Wheel border: change the color of the wheel border and dots on the border.
  • Currency: choose to display currency symbol ($, €… ) or currency pre (USD, EUR…) on the
    Lucky Wheel pop-up.
  • Wheel slides: change the label text size, text color, and background color of the wheel slide.
  • Wheel size: plugin allows to change the size of the wheel.
  • Icon position: select the wheel icon position on the screen. There are 6 icon positions bottom
    left, bottom right, top left, top right, middle left, middle right. And the icon can be hidden after a
    successful spin.
  • Auto-color: this option allows you to automatically color up the wheel.
  • Custom CSS: This WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win plugin offer the Custom CSS section which
    allows you to add custom design for the wheel on the front end.



Google reCAPTCHA helps protect websites from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA” is a turing test to tell human and bots
apart. It is easy for humans to solve, but hard for “bots” and other malicious software to figure out. By adding
reCAPTCHA to a site, you can block automated software while helping your welcome users to enter with ease. The
Google reCAPTCHA feature of the plugin is now available from version 1.1.1.



  • Auto-update: Update the plugin automatically in your dashboard.
  • AJAX end-point: The plugin provides 2 AJAX endpoints to make sure the pop-up works fine on your
  • Multilingual support:  This WooCommerce lucky wheel spin and win plugin support
    multi-languages. So you can create different front-end messages, emails, descriptions for different languages.
    However, this option is working with WPML and Polylang plugin.

You can learn how to set WooCommerce Lucky wheel spin and win seeing this video guide:



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