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Want to SAVE TIME dealing with e-mails and tickets?
Need to AUTOMATE your customer relationship?

Build an awesome chatbot on your WordPress site with crazy features ! It’s the best and the easiest wordpress chatbot plugin ever.

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Meet Alicia, a Great Demo Chatbot (click here to try).

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The Full Features List :

  • Easy to use : Learn your bot what to say easily.
  • Ask your users for informations : get their e-mail, phone, message or whatever.
  • Quick Access Widget : show the chatbot at the bottom of the screen, on every pages.
  • Store user’s answers : discover how people talk with your bot.
  • Send a transcript by email : receive every conversations by email.
  • Fully Responsive : People can use your bots everywhere!
  • Monetize your bot : Deliver ads on the chat screen easily!
  • Delivered with 3 skins : Facebook Messenger and 2 other (awesome) themes.
  • Easily Hookable : if you are a WP dev, you should love my code.
  • Works on every theme : Don’t worry, it works on your site.
  • Import/export chatbots : Save chatbots and import them elsewhere.
  • Customisable : Create your own CSS theme if you want !
  • Multilingual : Easy to translate, compatible with WPML
  • Auto-Update : The plugin can be updated from your WordPress Panel
  • Find the changelog at the bottom of the page

Checkout the project roadmap here : ! You’ll discover the new features planned. And don’t hesitate to give me your ideas !

What can I do with this awesome WordPress chatbot plugin?!

Internet rule 8567: people don’t read instructions. If you’re developing a software or an online service, you know what I’m talking about.

If users had taken the trouble to READ THE FUCKING MANUAL, 80% of support tickets could have been avoided. But let’s face it: this is mostly your fault.

Your software application has ergonomic problems that generate recurring questions and your instruction manual is too incomprehensible, or so boring that no one bothers to read it. One never spend enough time and money on a good manual (OK, or maybe just Stripe or Mailchimp).

The good news is that whether you are a small businessman or the CEO of a multinational corporation : chatbots for WordPress will solve this problem once and for all.

Full Changelog

v1.10 -> v1.13 | 17 December 2017

  • (Fix) A lot of UI improvements.
  • (Fix) The plugin (and especially the Quick Access) is now really responsive.
  • (Fix) When a message is splitted, all his parts are not sent immediately.

v1.06 -> v1.10 | 09 December 2017

  • (New) The Quick Access widget is available! Display your chatbot everywhere you want, at the bottom right of your pages.
  • (Improvement) The shortcode is not just a (poor) iframe anymore!. It’s a real and clean shortcode, that you can embed everywhere you want on your site.
  • (Improvement) The building page is even better, and works very fine.
  • (Fix) A better templating system, if you want to create your own skins.
  • (Fix) Documentation is available, finally….

v1.05 -> v1.06 | 31 August 2017

  • (New) Say hello to a new amazing skin, the MODERN FULLSCREEN (look the preview)
  • (New) You can integrate a chatbot with a [shortcode], youhou!
  • (New) Baguette bien cuite ! French translation available.
  • (Fix) Transcription e-mail is better.
  • (Fix) A better building page.
  • (Fix) Fix a bug with external link.

v1.04 -> v1.05 | 24 August 2017

  • (New) Send a transcript of each conversations by email!
  • (New) Store every users’ answers to read them later.
  • (New) Awesome new hooks for developers.
  • (Fix) Drag’n’drop and UX improvements.

v1.0 -> v1.04 | 21 August 2017

  • (New) New interaction! Ask users for informations (their email, some text, …).
  • (New) New interaction! Open a link when click on a specific answer.
  • (New) The bot’s sidebar is fully customisable with WP widgets.
  • (New) Responsive is now awesomeee, and it works great.
  • (New) You can put [shortcode] on bot’s question.
  • (New) You can trigger JS code on every step (for Facebook Pixel, GA tracking or whatever you want).
  • (New) You can split bot’s message in multiple bubble for a better readability.
  • (Fix) The “start again” button works fine.


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