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WhatsApp Button Plugin for WordPress

The BEST plugin to create chats via WhatsApp in your WordPress website.

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Easily add WhatsApp button on your website, make your website visitors easy to contact you via WhatsApp!


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WP WhatsApp Button
WP WhatsApp Button

WP WhatsApp Button is a simple and user friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to create chat via WhatsApp in your WordPress website. The plugin is packaged with 18 pre-designed button templates, 10 hover animation effect and eight different positions for button placement – you can embed the WhatsApp Button in any way you like. Besides, the plugin comes with sticky button option, tooltip enables option, text only display option, icon position configuration options and much more. It is a fully compatibility ready plugin that works well with any device, any browser, and any WordPress theme. This plugin perfectly combines WhatsApp application with the WordPress platform and help you to create easy WhatsApp in WordPress

It is a shortcode ready and widget ready WordPress plugin that allows you to connect to WhatsApp via WordPress.

No coding needed! Just 5 minutes setup and configuration! Works perfectly with all ‘well coded’ themes!

Feature Lists

  • 18 beautifully designed button templates.
  • Supports Multiple Contacts.
  • 10 different hover animation in button templates.
  • Color Customization option(button/text/icon/icon-background).
  • Post,Page & Category selection option.
  • Eight different button position.
  • Text enable/Disable Option.
  • Button text only enable option.
  • Text Position left/right Option.
  • Button Sticky Option.
  • Tooltip enable/disable option.
  • Display using shortcode/widget.
  • Add On Menu Option.
  • Compatible in both Mobile/Desktop.
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Simple and User Friendly.
  • Works with any theme.


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Customer Feedback

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Update logs

Version 2.0.7 (13th April, 2021)
- Fixed minor issue regarding button position demo not showing in the back-end on first installation of the plugin.
- Added feature to choose background color of tool-tip in floating button settings in the back-end.
- Checked compatibility with WP version 5.7.

Version 2.0.6 (15th October, 2020)
- Fixed upload image button not working for custom image in multiple contact settings. 
- Refined css to initialize active animation effect for some more animation templates. 
- Fixed shortcode generator not updating value as selected in shortcode section issues. 
- Necessary js refinement

Version 2.0.5(2nd April, 2020)
- Checked compatibility with latest WP Version
- In multiple contact setting tab, in page section, specific category radio button was not working and was not showing available categories solved this issue through some code refinement in backend and js file.

Version 2.0.4 (17th December, 2019)
- General Bug fixes and refinement in the code

Version 2.0.3 (11th August, 2019)
- Bug fix related to multiple contact button

Version 2.0.2 (29th July, 2019)
- Refinement in CSS Script

Version 2.0.0 (25th July, 2019)
- Refinement in JS Script

Version 1.0.9 (24th July, 2019)
- General Bug Fixes and refinements

Version 1.0.8 (24th July, 2019)
- Added 8 new templates in the plugin
- Added a feature to add multiple accounts within a button
- General Bug Fixes and refinements

Version 1.0.7(14th July, 2019)
- Added a sliding animation feature in the plugin
- General bug fixes and refinement in the code
- Refinement in the available template design

Version 1.0.6(27th February, 2019)
- Added an option to select the WhatsApp format

Version 1.0.4(25th October, 2018)
- Refinement in the code

Version 1.0.3(9th August, 2018)
- Addition of promotional description in the backend of the plugin

Version 1.0.2(27th July, 2018)
- Bug fixation

Version 1.0.1(25th June, 2018)
- Refinement in the JS script.

Version 1.0.0(16th March, 2018)
-The initial release of a plugin.

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Themes Compatible with the Plugin :

WP WhatsApp Button works best with every WordPress theme. It’s even more remarkable when used with popular themes like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax.


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